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Project Description


As a parent we all want our child to be happy, healthy, successful and able.
As a parent of a child with a limb difference there are worries and wonders of IF or HOW.
I can tell you our son Carter has shown us he is happy, healthy, successful and totally able.
As Carter has grown we as parents have picked up on his shyness about his “lucky fin”. He will hide it at times when a new group situations like at the park. As a parent this is difficult to watch. We want to help him, we want him to be proud of who he is, we want him to show others just how wonderful he is.
A few weeks ago Mr. Mike contacted us about wanting to make Carter a phoenix hand. We didn’t know how to respond because our goal is for Carter to be proud of who he is and how he is. Would giving him a prosthetic hand make him think we didn’t feel he was enough with what he had?
We met with Mr. Mike and his son Carter at the park where we saw the prosthetic hands and saw his Carter use his own prosthetic arm.
Carter expressed he would like a “robot hand”, a green and yellow with Batman logo robot hand to be exact. Mr. Mike was very responsive and easy to work with. He had Carter’s robot hand just as he asked, green and yellow with Batman, ready in one week!

Carter has had his hand for 2 days and the confidence it has given him is astounding. He’s been practicing picking items up and releasing them. He’s been giving high fives and said “look Mom I can clap my hands”.
While at the park on Sunday Carter (who did not have his robot hand on) walks right up to an older girl and said “I’m Carter and I’m 4 want to play”? Sitting on the bench with a few tears in my eyes I wondered “who is this newly confident guy”? I know the confidence came from his new hand. I heard him say to the little girl “I have a new robot hand and I can high five and clap now”. The gift Mr Mike give to our child is immeasurable. The confidence it has given Carter is incomparable to anything I have experienced and in such a short time is amazing.
We are forever grateful for Mr. Mike and this blessing. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.