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My name is Michael Campos; I am 33 years old, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, currently residing in Lake Forest, California. My middle child, Carter, 5, has a congenital below-the-elbow amputation. He has a bit of a wrist joint, but nothing further. His mother and I found out he would be born with a limb difference during a routine 12 week sonogram.

In July of 2016, I was giving Carter a bath and he turned to me and said, “Daddy will you build me a hand?” My heart hurt. Not being able to give your child something they desperately want is hard. When your child asks you to make up for the hand he has been missing since birth, it is heartbreaking. When he asked me for a hand, I responded with the only thing I could think of “soon, buddy.”

I came across an organization titled Enabling the Future. On their website they provide open source designs for 3D printed helper hands. I knew this was the start to fulfilling Carters request that I build him a hand. I was able to find a 3D printing lab not far from home. I immediately contacted them and found out that they were very familiar with these hands, they had built several. I was told to bring Carter into the lab as quickly as possible. They were excited to help out. I was in awe. I was actually going to be able to get my son his right hand.

A couple weeks went by and we made our second trip to the lab in order for Carter to receive his hand. When I saw his hand lying there on the table, I thought to myself ’oh my god, that is my son’s right hand that he has been missing his entire life’. Again, I was flooded with emotion. Carter had a right hand and he was EXCITED! That’s when I knew I had to get involved in providing these hands to other children with limb differences.


Our number one principle was that no family would ever have to worry about cost when it came to getting a hand for their child. Everything we were doing was based solely off of donations. To this day, none of our recipients have had to pay a dime. We’ve covered the cost through donations; materials, shipping, printer repairs, everything.

I’ve lost count, but we have built roughly a dozen hands for recipients all around the Country; Michigan, California, Arizona, Indiana, Georgia, Florida, and we even built one and shipped it to a little boy in the UK. I had found my calling, my passion, and my purpose. I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

Most importantly, I have finally been given the answer to the longing question “why”. Why was my son born this way? I wholeheartedly believe that Carter was born with a limb difference because with it, and because of it, we can make the world a better place for other children with “diff-abilities”. We were able to take a negative and turn it into something so very positive. I am proud of the both of us for being able to do that.


As humans we leave behind a legacy. A small portion of ourselves. Our legacy lives in the hearts and minds of all who come after us. By helping each other we teach the next generation the value of helping others and more importantly – why. That by standing together we are stronger and greater than we ever could be alone.